Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celeriac Leek Stew

Celeriac is also called celery root. It has that great celery flavor but since it is a root it is starchy and can be substituted for potatoes. This can also be made into a soup or try celeriac when roasting veggies.

1 celeriac
2 leeks
3 cloves garlic
*2 cups water & 1 bouillon cube (can substitute broth)
1 tbl canola oil
pepper to taste

Heat oil in a large pot. Chop the garlic and saute on low heat for a couple minutes. Chop celeriac and leeks into quarter size cubes and add to pot. Cover mixture with water and add bouillon cube. *The amount of water is an estimate, I usually add enough to just cover the mixture and as it cooks I add more if it looks like it boiled away. The more water you add the more soup like than stew like it will be. I simmered mine for about an hour and occasionally gave it a stir. Serve with pepper. Enjoy!

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