Monday, June 10, 2013

How to: Crispy Tofu

I wanted to do a post on how to cook tofu because I often get complaints along the lines of: "I like tofu but mine is always mushy." This is the process that I take my tofu through to get crispy tofu without a mushy inside. An alternative to pan frying is baking at 350 until crispy or broiling for a couple minutes on each side. When I oven bake mine I will add a marinade.

1 block extra firm tofu (silken or other soft tofus are best for sauces and soups)
1 tbl high heat oil such as coconut oil

Start with removing the tofu from the package and removing the water. Place on towel and wrap the towel around the tofu.

Place the tofu under something heavy. I used a large ceramic bowl full or apples.
This will squish all the extra liquid out of the tofu. For best results you should give this process a few hours. I actually did mine before bed and left it overnight. In the morning it should look like this.
You can cook it right away or store in the fridge for a day.  I wouldnt store it in the fridge too long because without the water tofu spoils quickly. It actually gets slimy and gross. You can also marinate it after pressing all the water out.
Cut the tofu into cubes, or any shape you like. And cook with the oil in cast iron pan on medium high.
Stir frequently to prevent burning.

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